Marvin Morrison epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work and servitude in every detail of your real estate transaction. Marvin was born in Southfield and grew up in the city of Detroit. And boy did he grow. Marvin was constantly growing and growing to the point he outgrew the kids in higher grades and his older brother, Ernest. Ernest is his older brother (that’s him on the left, top side of the photo ) and his younger brother, Rick, is in the center photo, up front.

At the age of 10, Marvin’s mother enrolled him into a new school, Ludington Magnet Middle School in Detroit. It was a great school and help foster his love for all sports and science. His love for sports and science only deepened as he entered into Detroit Benedictine High School. Marvin started to identify areas he excelled in: Basketball and Math. I ended up taking 5 years worth of Math and worked hard enough to attain a basketball scholarship to St. Mary’s College in Orchard Lake, Michigan.

As Marvin stepped onto campus as a freshman, he knew he wanted to become a surgeon. So being the wise and confident young man he was, he registered to take Physics, Calculus I, Freshman Chemistry and Biology, and English. Marvin’s Coach (Michigan Hall of Famer Glen Donahue) thought he was crazy. Looking back Marvin admits he was crazy, but was able to graduate with a Chemistry degree in 1994.

Marvin decided to use his degree after college, coach collegiate basketball and not go to Med School. Marvin returned to St. Mary’s in 1994, with his friend Kris Daiek, to restart the St. Mary’s College Basketball Program. This is where he met his wife Angelique.

Marvin and Angelique married in 2000 after dating 6 years. Marvin is a family man with a devotion to God, his beautiful wife, and two daughters. Marvin’s athleticism did not pass on to his daughters and he found new areas to be passionate about. Marvin enjoys musicals and really wants to take his wife and daughters to see Hamilton. Marvin has taken an interest into all types of music and has developed the skill of remaking songs in a funny manner. Marvin loves driving across America with his family going on vacation, mostly because Marvin hates flying.

Professionally, Marvin has held management positions in corporations such as EDS, OnStar, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, and Thorn Apple Valley. Marvin was even the Runner-up for National Salesman of the Week in 1996 when he was able to sale over $17000 worth of mattresses and earn over $2500 in one day.

Now after 11 years teaching Chemistry, Marvin left the profession to pursue his passion: Real Estate. Even though Marvin is relatively new to Real Estate, he is incorporating the principles he honed in leadership and customer service (honesty, integrity, loyalty, platinum rule, and giving) to provide World Class level customer service before, during and after the transaction. This is how Marvin can say he is, “Converting Transactions Into Lifelong Relationship.”


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