4 Manly Ways to Avoid Stress When Moving

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Finding a home and getting ready to move is just as stressful as finally selling your home and moving out.  Does moving have you feeling way too stressed out lately, even at home? Here are a few manly things men can do to relieve some of the stress:

  • Grill daily if the weather permits.  When we were young and made mistakes, we were often placed in a timeout.  The timeout place was often a corner of a room, far away from all the things that could entice you to behave in an inappropriate manner (your siblings). It provided a place where you could refocus, emotionally adjust and plan on how to handle the situation upon your return to the room. So go ahead and give yourself a timeout. Just remember to include your family, they are probably stressed too.

Rules of the Grill:

This could be your next cookout, unless you live in an apartment.relieve some of the stress they are experiencing.
  • No mention of the move
  • You must play with the kids and/or pet.
  • You must hold your mates hand.
  • You must have your favorite non-alcoholic beverage ice cold and on hand.
  • No cell phones.
  • Cook something that you love.
  • Bring a Radio to work. Go back to being a teenager. We use to do everything with music and the louder, the better. It really got us moving. So hook up some music and let it blast. Get energized! Just don’t get caught in your Prince outfit or Thriller leather jacket that was hidden in the attic.


  • Realize this is not the time to wait until the last minute. Men are procrastinators. We will sit around and watch the 2017 Worm Olympics if it meant getting out of doing something we are not looking forward to doing. But by procrastinating we are actually creating more stress, which in turns make us procrastinate more. It’s just an ugly cycle of avoidance until it is too late. So how can manly men motivate themselves to stay on schedule and complete tasks.

Rules to end procrastination:

  • Do not come home from work and start packing. Grill, drink, and enjoy your family first.

    Educate yourself
  • Have the entire family focus on one task until it is completed. If you can’t complete it that day, then just start the next day where you stopped the day before.
  • Hire cheap labor. Hire all of your children friends or neighbor kids and tell them when they are done with their task, it is your treat to their favorite restaurant. It frees you up to do other tasks and everyone loves free food. Finally, you come off looking cool to the young kids. When I moved from West Bloomfield, 8 kidspacking up dishes and tubs of books and carrying them to the garage cost me pizza & soda from Jet’s and an On Demand Harry Potter movie ($50 total) that had to be played on the surround sound system as loud as my wife could stand. They all came back the next day and helped again. 
  • Turn moving into a game. When we were children we could go play a game like basketball all day in90 degree weather, wearing a sweater and sweatpants. Now moving isn’t as hard as that was. Turning moving into a game changes our perspective and allows us to enjoy the huge task. And when you win, have a reward. So to make it a game, you can say, “I will have all of my kitchen boxed up, labeled and placed in the garage by Tuesday at 10pm, and when I do, I will reserve a couples massage.